Ceci Fernandes

Agile Coach, developer and instructor

Improvement drives me. I am a very curious person who is always willing to learn something new and acknowledges that every individual has something to add to my life. On the opposite direction, as a trained instructor, I have developed strong didactics and find it very useful in dealing with teams.

Both development and Agile are both work and fun for me and mixing those two topics deeply energizes me.

The passion for improvement is certainly applied to work, and not limited to it. For that reason, I have a quite wide personal background, from ballroom dancing to skydiving. It pleases me and gives me a broad range of subjects I am comfortable with.


I am a frequent speaker at Agile and software development conferences. Check some of my latest talks:


As a developer, I have worked in quite a number of projects. Most of them are web focused and have Java as a primary language, but I still consider myself a tecnology agnostic developer. My personal highlights for (opensource) projects follow: