Who I am

I am an Agilist who enjoys wearing many hats at work: people manager, team strategist, instructor, speaker at conferences, software developer (mostly for fun, these days), mentor at companies, facilitator, and community enthusiast.

Improvement drives me. I am a very curious person who is always willing to learn something new and acknowledges that every individual has something to add to my life. As a trained instructor, I have also developed strong didactics and find it very useful while dealing with teams or speaking to an audience.

Organizing Agile Brazil for many years, and in different roles, also taught me how to engage people (who are volunteering their personal time!), help them learn to collaborate, and understand the importance for the community to embrace newcomers and respect differences.

More about Ceci

Agile & Personal Coaching

After a while working in an Agile environment as developer, XP tracker, Scrum Master, P.O., mentor, and a number of other unlabeled roles, I have come to trust on values and principles rather than on practices or prescriptive processes, and to base my decisions on those.

At some point I realized the work I had been doing for a while had a name: it was called Agile Coaching.

After helping a number of teams, it became clear to me that I could help people better if I learned more about personal coaching, so I have been working on improving skills on that lately, and getting some good feedback from my coachees.


Speaker at conferences

Here are some of the latest talks I have presented, either with some dear folks or by myself.


Software developer

While working with people takes most of my time, software development lives close to my heart. I feel very comfortable coding in Java and Javascript, as a full stack developer.

I also believe development skills are necessary for my role as an Agilist in organizations, and it enables me to talk to (and understand) the most technical developer in a team.

Unfortunately, most my Java repositories are private, but you can check out my GitHub page: github.com/ceci


Agile Brazil Organizer

Agile Brazil is a thousand attendees conference organized by passionate geographically distributed, ever changing group of agilists in their own time. And it is a great experience!

As Program Chair for three years, I nurture an environment that allows every team member to collaborate, criticize, and enhance both their outcome and the process that leads to it.

I was also responsible for the creation of the Volunteers program, replicated by a number of other Brazilian conferences afterwards, by our former volunteers.